Stephen W. Shiver


Stephen Shiver has served directly and indirectly for numerous past and current members of the Florida Legislature, including many that are in leadership positions currently. He is a co-founding member of The Advocacy Partners and has worked in politics and public policy for over two decades.


Served the former Republican Majority Leader and Senate President Pro-Tempore in the Florida House, where he assisted the Majority Leader and staff in communication and implementation of the majority party’s agenda for the 2001 legislative session.  In addition, he served as a floor assistant to other members during the 2001 legislative session.

Served former Speaker of the House Tom Feeney in the Florida House of Representatives as a legislative assistant and as Chief Executive Assistant. In this capacity he coordinated legislative briefings and meetings among industry lobbyists and staff as well as serving as a liaison for members of the House and Senate to the Speaker and was a legislative advisor to the Speaker on issues before the Legislature.

Worked with a Tallahassee-based governmental affairs and political consulting group, serving clients in the field of health care, education, telecommunications, and business.

Appointments & Accolades

Traveled to Macedonia and BosniaHerzegovina with the International Republican Institute as part of a lecturing series on politics and public policy to leaders of emerging democracies and political parties across the world


Worked with a Tallahassee-based governmental affairs and political consulting group, serving as general campaign consultant to the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) as well as to state senate and state house candidates during the 2002 election cycle.

Executive Director of Political Affairs for the RPOF, 2003-04, overseeing the political apparatus of the state party through the historically successful election cycle in which President George W. Bush garnered close to four million votes statewide, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Mel Martinez was elected to the United States Senate, every Florida GOP congressman and state senator up for re-election was re-elected, and a net gain of three seats was secured in the state house.

Executive Director of Victory 2004, working closely with officials of the Republican National Committee and the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign in implementing one of the largest volunteer campaign programs in the history of Florida politics.


Bachelor’s Degree in Business and English, Florida State University


Stephen and his wife, Paige, reside in Tallahassee with their three children Laurie, Abbie Rose, and Watson.