The Advocacy Partners is a bipartisan, Florida-focused full-service government relations firm located in Tallahassee. The combination of our understanding of the issues, strong relationships, expertise and character are what distinguishes our advocacy practice in Florida.
Our approach to doing business is founded on the principles of integrity, professionalism and pragmatism.

It’s from this foundation that we offer our public and private sector clients a range of services in the legislative, executive and regulatory arenas, including development and implementation of an advocacy agenda, building strategic partnerships and business development consulting services intended to strengthen our client’s position in the market.

Navigating Florida’s Complex Political Climate

Our professionals specialize in helping entities better understand and navigate the increasingly complex political and governmental landscape in Florida. Our approach to advocacy combines the art of identifying issues of relevance to stakeholders and communicating potential impacts to decision makers in a clear and concise manner, while incorporating the nuances of political and policy motivations, oftentimes utilizing political relationships that have been built over time and are based upon both trust and political allegiance.

A Strong Foundation of Experience & Relationships

Our team is built on a strong foundation of core political and legislative process skills that allow us to identify opportunities for our clients and successfully navigate Florida’s political climate. Collectively, we pride ourselves on the personal and professional relationships we have built with elected, appointed and staff level decision-makers at the highest levels of Florida government, as well as our ability to strategically and tactically analyze the evolving landscape in this diverse state.